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Welcome to Alexandria VA Urgent Care
Walk-In Clinic & Immediate Care in Alexandria VA

Our clinics are immediate care providers, Primary & Urgent Cares of Alexandria, VA are staffed by professional medical staff. The doctors have years of experience treating a multitude of common illnesses, sprains, cuts and burns. At this facility you will be able to be checked out for STD’s, especially if you don’t want to visit your family doctor for this reason. You can be sure of patient confidentiality so no one will know the reason for your visit. Alexandria VA Urgent Care and Primary Care clinicians provide diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of symptoms, plus wellness services.

Reasons why you should be using our Urgent & Primary Care services:

  • Need for an outstanding primary care doctor.
  • Don't want to waste time in line or waiting for your number to be called before you can see a doctor or primary health care provider.
  • Average wait time is 15 - 25 minutes

  • Need acute primary care or urgent care, but hate ER.
  • Avoid Preventable Hospital and Emergency Room visits
  • Need Physicals for school, work, or Department of Transportation.
  • Self-Pay cost is one-fourth of an ER visit

  • Most health insurances are accepted

  • Walk-Ins are Welcome.

Immediate Care Clinic

You won’t have to wait as long to see a doctor in our Alexandria VA urgent care clinic. There is certain to be some wait if the clinic is busy. However, the wait time is relatively short compared with that of emergency rooms. Once the doctor has examined you and diagnosed your medical condition, you will receive a prescription for the medication that will help you feel better. There will be a check carried out to ensure that you are not prescribed any drugs that will have reverse interaction with any others you are taking.


My health is very important for me. I don’t have the time to make an appointment and visit doctors offices waiting for hours. Alexandria VA Urgent Care is just what I needed. Thank you for being there for me.

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