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Why Choose Alexandria VA Urgent Care & Primary Care Clinics?

Along with treating illnesses, our urgent care clinics in Alexandria will provide you with travel immunizations. This eliminates the need for making an appointment with your family doctor and having to take time off work to fit in the visit. Our hours are such that we cater to those who need medical attention of all kinds in the evening and on weekends.
You can be sure of receiving the best medical care when you visit Alexandria VA urgent care. We are equipped with all the latest medical equipment for carrying out diagnostic tests and the results don’t take long to be delivered to the physician. We strive for excellence in providing the comprehensive medical care, and minimize your visits to various offices by coming to our clinics for urgent care in Alexandria. If you need a physical exam for employment, school or Department of Transportation, you can get the exam you need quite quickly.


Urgent Care – Walk-in Clinic – Primary Care Goals are:

  • To be the Urgent & Immediate Care provider of choice in the Area
  • To provide a sense of independence from expensive medical care for our patients
  • To help patients’ meet the health care needs.
  • To help cut down on costly and inappropriate ER visits.

Alexandria VA Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic goal is to provide improved patients care, well-being and quality of life. Our medical professionals make it their primary duty to first build a relationship with each patient encounter, and to patiently create an environment where that’s conducive to the patient’s recovery.

We know how Emergency Rooms visits can be expensive, but we at all times try our best to provide the care you may need in our Urgent Care Clinic and to make your visits  affordable, because our visits significantly help patients to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalisations.

Urgent Care of Alexandria also reduces safety risks and time-consuming office visits. Most importantly, we seek to schedule follow-up appointments based on the prescribed planned care, to make sure recovery is in progress. Patients receive regular care and follow-up from experienced staff at immediate care clinics, also increases the chances of patients receiving properly managed up-to-date care.


My health is very important for me. I don’t have the time to make an appointment and visit doctors offices waiting for hours. Alexandria VA Urgent Care is just what I needed. Thank you for being there for me.

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